TED.com – who doesn’t know it? It’s one of the better online resources out there (in my world it’s number 1). A highly exclusive event that attracts some great thinkers / communicators, and then shares it all for free via video and audio. Whether you’re looking for mind-bending punchy inputs or wanting to learn from some phenomenal communicators, TED.com is your first stop. And once you’ve visited once, you’ll keep going back.

For 2012 they’ve added an interesting innovation. Now anyone can apply to speak at TED via YouTube or Vimeo. My colleague @VickyCoats sent me this link from Mashable with all the details yesterday.

TED is offering anybody the opportunity to join the ranks of Bill Gates, Al Gore and Jane Goodall as a TED speaker. Starting this month, the organization will begin accepting auditions via YouTube and Vimeo videos for its TED2012 conference.

“We’re holding this audition to give a chance to the undiscovered talent we know is out there — and especially talent that can help us continue to reinvent the ancient art of the spoken word,” reads the online application.

I’m still trying to work out how I feel about this? I think only because I view TED as a sacred space. And running a ‘TED’s Got Talent’ type event to find a speaker, isn’t sitting right with me. Not yet anyway…..

And if you enter, good luck. The online application can be found here.